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“Chilli Our Bro”- A Taste of Mexico in a Goodtime Pie

  Kiwis love pies and they are loving Mexican food – just look at the  number of Mexican restaurants that have opened up in the last few years and take a wander down any supermarket isles and you will find loads of Mexican sauces. So,…
3i Black Water

3i Black Water Hits the Shelves

Great news everyone 3i Black Water has landed in New Zealand. You can now get your hands on it in 176 retailers around the country. To make it easy for you to track down we have compiled a list of the retailers who have stocked up their…
3i Black Water

3i Black Water – Hydrate Your Soul

We are very excited to announce that we have secured the exclusive distributor rights to bring 3i Black Water to New Zealand- it is something rather special. Steve Livingston Focus Distribution Sales Manager believes 3i Black water will have…